VFX Reel 2017

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VFX Reel Breakdown

Curriculum Vitae

Will Shepherd is a skilled artist, problem solver, and CG supervisor. He has over 20 years of experience using predominantly Autodesk software to achieve the highest quality results for film, games, corporate and television. His leadership is through example and can provide a needed conduit between talent and production challenges. He ensures that the tools and techniquies an artist requires to reach the goals are available and understood. In high pressure situations his resolve crystallizes and his energy helps propel the work to its best possible conclusion.

Will was a founding Partner at the Spatial Harmonics Group where he wore many hats during production. Will developed bidding structures, produced VFX work, established production pipelines and CG supervised the commercial and feature work on the floor.

Will is currently freelancing R&D FX and Lighting for film, commercial and new product work.

Work Experience

June 2013-Present WillAnimate Owner Freelancing VFX for Film, Commercials and Games
Sept 2012-March 2013 Eclipse VFX Operations Director Will oversaw the merging operations of EclipseFX Studio (Beijing) and SHG into Eclipse VFX (now Phenom Films). He focused on production, distributed pipelining and rigging.
Aprl 2010-March 2012 Spatial Harmonics Group CG Supervisor, Etc As a partner at SHG Will provided VFX Producing, CG Supervision, Lead FX, Pipeline/IT dev, R&D, Business Strategy and Management to a team of 5-20 artists.
Jan-Feb 2010 Cafe FX FX TD A brief stint as an FX TD, Will helped Cafe wrap the "Alice in Wonderland" feature.
Jan-Aug 2009 Uncharted Territory FX Artist Provided FX animation for the Roland Emmerich feature "2012"
June 2004-Dec 2008 Inhance Digital CG Lead Provided Lead Animation, project management and supervision for TV and corporate clients. Clients included NASA, Boeing, Cisco, CBS, Intel, BAE Systems, and the Discovery Channel.
Mar 1998-May 2004 Triplehelix, Inc Owner Provided design, 3D animation, Ad layout, real-time modeling and web design.
May 1995-Feb 1998 Aneiva, Inc Partner, Creative Dir Wrote, Produced and Directed a staff of 8-10 through the production of the "Cydonia" (aka "Lightbringer") 3D adventure game.
Feb 1993-Jan 1995 Trilobyte, Inc Animator, etc Provided VO and live-action performance, 3D sets and CG animation for a number of game titles such as "The 7th Guest" and "The 11th Hour".


FX testing is the key to discovering that special something.
Many of these found homes in final systems, and helped push the FX process forward.